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Frequently Asked ...


Q. What type of campers do you have and what are their sizes?

    ●      Buttercup - 1975 Yellowstone  |  20’

    ●      The Beverly - 1960 Serro Scotty | 10’

    ●      Daisy - 1965 Yellowstone  | 13’ 


Q. How many people do the campers accommodate?

    ●      Buttercup - 4-6 guests/ 2-3 beds

    ●      The Beverly – 2 guests/ 2 beds

●      Daisy – 1-2 guests/ 1 bed


Q. Do any of the campers have bathrooms?

No. Our campers are meant to be “bedrooms where and when you need them” and are not designed to be fully lived in/self-contained.


Q. Do the campers have electricity?

The campers come with a 50' power cord to plug into any outlet. This will power lights, the fridge and outlets (and AC in Buttercup). You can also rent a generator from us!


Q. Do the campers have heat?

            Electric space heaters are provided.


Q. Do they have running water?

Yes, cold water when hooked up to a water supply.  There is no hot water since these vintage campers are not designed for cooking or showering.











Delivery & Setup


Q. How far in advance do I need to reserve a camper? 

Reservations book fast. As soon as you know your date(s), reach out to our team for availability.


Q. Do you do same day rental & delivery?

            Yes we can. Email at or for fastest response, text 631-921-3972



Q. How do I get the camper?  |  Who will deliver?

            One of the Vintage Glampers team members will deliver and set up at your site.


Q. I want to use the camper in my yard. How do I know it will fit?

            If you are not sure, please measure your area and send us the info. Email at Team@vintageglampersllc.comor for fastest response, text 631-921-3972



Q. Can we rent the gear without renting the camper?

            Sorry! Our gear rentals are add-ons for our camper clients currently, but that may change in the future! 


Q. How long can we rent a camper for?

            As long as you would like! For extended rentals, discounts automatically apply through AirBnb. 


Q. What do I do if I need help?  |  Will someone come?  |  Who do I call? 

            Yes. You would e-mail, text or call us at or 631-921-3972


Q. How far do you travel to deliver them?

We deliver within Suffolk County and some parts of Nassau County. 

The campers cannot be delivered to camp(beach)sites that require self-contained units (campers that have bathrooms.)


Q. Are there any restrictions on where they can go?

            Yes. When you submit your inquiry, our team will first send you a form with a few 

            Questions. We will also research our delivery route. Some common restrictions are:

-       Campsites that require self-contained units

-       Properties that do not allow access for commercial vehicles/trailers such as via parkways

-       Properties that can only be accessed via roads with low bridges


Q. Does the camper come stocked with food/water?

            No, we do not stock the campers.


Q. Can I move the camper if it ends up being in the way?

No. One of our Team Members will set up the camper at a determined spot prior to leaving.


Q. Can I bring my Pets?

            As much as we love our furry friends, pets are not allowed.


Q. What is your Smoking policy?

            There is no smoking inside the campers.


Q. Can you rent more than one at a time?

            Of course! You can rent the whole fleet!



-       Q. What is the Time frame for delivery



-       Q. Are there any Extra fees- 

-       delivery fee? Yes. Your delivery fee will be calculated after you submit your inquiry and fill out the short questionnaire that we send you.

-       cleaning fee? Yes, this is part of the AirBnb fee.

-       Tax? Yes, this is part of the AirBnb fee.


-       Q. What if I noticed something broken when I get my camper?

-       Please contact us right away and if you can, send us a picture of the damage.


-       Q. How are the campers secured for safety?

The campers all lock from the inside, and you are provided a key for the padlock when you are not in the camper.


Q. Is there a “Check-in” or “Check-Out” time?

No. Our timing is customizable and will be determined upon booking.





Gear Rentals


Q. Will someone bring it to my location?

            Yes. Gear is delivered and picked up with the camper.



Q. I rented a camper and realized I want to add some gear on. What should I do?

            Just contact us by email at or for fastest response, text 631-921-3972

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