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Brian has always had a habit of purchasing vintage campers. Never with much of a plan or any space to store them, but just because they were “so cool I had to.”


When he and his wife decided to try and rent a camper during the Covid shutdown, they were quite unhappy with the lack of options. And presto: Brian had a use for the 1960 Shasta sitting in their driveway. And Vintage Glampers was born. 


The concept evolved from renting a camper to tow wherever the renter chose, to renting one for a variety of stationary uses, such as camping on Long Island to adding extra sleeping space to someone’s driveway. 


Today, Vintage Glampers focuses on delivering small, classic camper trailers to campsites and private properties, complete with a full lineup of other items to rent such as barbecues, fire pits, lawn games, beach chairs, umbrellas and they even have an online store where you can purchase Vintage Glampers gear and swag. 

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