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Enjoy glamping in this vintage 1975 Yellowstone camper. Sleeping space for 4-6 and plenty of storage. Cool off in the AC after a day of hiking or lounging at the beach. This is our largest unit offered. Please be mindful of the space you are considering and whether it can accommodate Buttercup. This unit is ideal for hosting guests at your own home, serving as an extra bedroom, or at a campsite with facilities.


You must provide a location for this unit! It is not set up for rental where it is parked! It is only available by delivery from our team and delivery costs will be quoted upon request, based on delivery location.
A 50' power cord is provided to plug into any outlet. This will power lights, the fridge and outlets. This unit is rather small and most people cannot stand fully in it. Linens, cups and plates are provided, but toiletries and towels are not. Please see our store for items for purchase and our available rental items such as grills, umbrellas, chairs, games and generators.

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